Temperature monitor TW 50/60

To monitor surface temperatures


The TW 50/60 temperature monitor is used to monitor surface temperatures in all kinds of applications such as housing temperature monitoring, cable sheath temperature monitoring, etc.

The compact construction and configuration as a fully encapsulated cast item that is watertight and oil-tight allows installation of the temperature monitor with no problems.

The housing has been prepared for attachment with screws or a clamping strip, for example, with cable ties.

A hole in the upper side of the temperature monitor allows a functional check and monitoring without needing to dismantle the temperature monitor. This is done by inserting the tip of a temperature sensor into the hole and the entire temperature sensor is warmed up, for example, by blowing hot air onto it. This makes it possible to check not only the switching of the electrical contact but also the thermal trigger value (switching point). By default, the temperature monitor is provided with a 5 m long moulded cable skein for connection.


If the limiting temperature that had been set at the factory is exceeded, an electrical contact (stop contact) opens (break-type) or closes (make-type). The high switching rating of the contact makes it possible to intervene directly in the switching without auxiliary relays or power supplies. When the overtemperature drops to normal values, the contact resets by itself. The configuration as a break-type contact also allows the use of “closed circuit switching”.

Configurations with special housings, with other cable lengths or trigger temperatures and for temperature measurement are also available on request.

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