Installation housing – Type 8910

For type 8512 control unit


The type 8910 installation housing is available for the type 8512 control unit for installation on site. This housing has been completely wired by the manufacturer and prepared for the maximum configuration (4x or 3x plus a test unit). The plastic housing has cover closures for tool actuation that can be sealed with lead seals.
A transparent opening lid allows the switches of the type 8512 control unit to be operated or the unit checked without needing to remove the housing cover. The transparent opening lid can likewise be sealed with lead seals.

The housing and opening lid are to type of protection 65 and thus allow installation on site, for example, in the transformer substation or the switching station, etc.

The housings are equipped with the corresponding number of type 8512 control units (max. 4 such units), according to the order. Slots that are not filled are provided with »blank terminal housings«. This makes it possible to upgrade later without any difficulty.

All the connections of the type 8512 control units (see the brochure sheet 8512 for technical details) are led to terminals. The terminals are grouped together according to their possible voltage levels and spatially separated from one another.

1st group: Connection of the power supply (AC 230 V) and the switches or remote drives;
2nd group: Connection terminals for the monitoring transmission relays built into the control units;
3. group: Remote control connection terminals.

Alternatively, the housing can be equipped with a type 908102 test unit and a maximum of three type 8512 control units (please specify when ordering).

The type 908102 test unit has a button that can be actuated with a suitable tool. When the button is actuated (for the duration of the actuation), all the position displays of the built-in control units light up, and the monitoring relays of the built-in control units are actuated, regardless of the operational situation at that moment (lamp and transmitting relay test function). In addition, this unit also has a switch that can only be actuated with a suitable tool (screwdriver). This »ON- OFF switch« interrupts the common connection of the »remote control relay« in the housing wiring. This allows the actuation of the connected switches or remote drives to be switched off if desired.

The installation housings can be set up in rows by using as seal, four wedge connectors and a clip.

Special configurations, for example, a cabinet with a turning handle for installation of a half-profile cylinder lock by the customer, with or without a transparent opening cover, with special terminals, etc., are available on request.

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