Temperature monitor TW 03 S – Type 8432

To control protection against frost


The TW 03 S temperature monitor is primarily used to control protection against frost. With its small resetting temperature difference of 3°C it has proven itself for use in the automatic control of points heaters, anti-frost protection controllers in the water supply for toilet cabins at tram stops and similar applications.

The compact construction and configuration as a fully encapsulated cast item (IP 68) allows installation of the temperature monitor with no problems.
The housing has been prepared attachment with screws or a clamping strip, for example, with cable ties.

Due to the high switching capacity of this small switch, it possible to directly actuate control switches with an operating voltage of AC 230 V. The 8581 switching amplifier can be supplied for heating units with a rated DC voltage of 600 V or 750 V and tolerances from +20 % to-30 %. A controller operating at 600 or 750 V DC can be switched directly with the aid of this switching amplifier.

Special versions of this temperature monitor working in the range from -10°C to +80°C are available for special tasks, and other types of contacts are likewise possible.


If the temperature falls below the fixed limiting value that had been set at the factory, an electrical contact is closed (stop contact) and remains closed until the temperature has risen again and the trigger temperature has been exceeded by 3°C.

Configurations with special housings, with other cable lengths or trigger temperatures, etc., are also available on request.

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