Voltage Signal Relay – Type 8591

Insulation group F acc. to DIN 57115


The voltage signal relay of the type 8591 has been developed particularly for the detection and signalling of the voltage states of DC traction power supply systems. (Auxiliary supply is not needed for the operation of this device.)

Due to the special design the big voltage tolerances occurring during rail operation are unproblematic for the voltage signal relay of the type 8591.
This relay stands out due to its fully encapsulated construction. It is connected to the contact line and the return conductor or the voltage source via firmly connected cable ends.

The output contacts (1 or 2 change-over contacts) are encapsulated hermetically and therefore protected against corrosion.
The encapsulation offers the best possible protection of the output side against surges of atmospheric origin. This also applies to the separation of the contacts, change-over contact against change-over contact.
According to section 60 of VDE 0100 concerning auxiliary circuits short-circuit protection is not required for a voltage signal relay if the connecting cables have been laid in a short-circuit proof way.

If the coil current exceeds 5 A, the current path inside the relay is interrupted.
In the so-called “big design” the customer can fit additional terminal blocks in the terminal housing of the relay. Assembly costs can be saved with the so-called “double design”, which includes two relays in one housing.
The output contacts are designed as reed contacts. Under no circumstances shall the limit values be exceeded for this kind of contact. Particularly the capacitive inrush currents and the lamp loads have to be considered (see information sheet concerning reed contacts).

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