Points heater Profinet-RS485 Gateway – Type SMPN1


The ESN Gateway SMPN1 allows the connection of point heating switching modules to the industrial Ethernet.
The SMPN1-gateway is as an PROFINET IO device in the decentralized periphery available.So the point heating modules are accessible for almost every Profinet suitable PLC (for example S7-1200, S7-300 / 400).


The gateway works as a protocol converter.
The entire communication with the points heating modules running on the embedded 32-bit microprocessor of SMPN1.

Via 768 byte input- / output data points heating modules can be controlled.
At the same time all the measured values and operating data are made available.
Thus, it is e.g. possible to detect actually measured current values and to visualize on a connected display.

The SMPN1 has two RJ45 connectors with integrated switch on the PROFINET side.
On the RS485 side, the device has a switchable bus termination.
Is this SMPN1 the end of the serial bus, the termination must be activated.
This is done with the two switches located laterally on the device.
For the termination the TX422 switch to »ON« and the RX422-switch in »OFF« must be set.

The factory setting is from termination that means both switches to »OFF«.
The two rotary switches S4 and S5 can assign an address.
In the bus together with point heating modules both switches must to turn to “0”.
10 LEDs indicate the status of the module (see page 2).

To initialize the RS485 bus during the boot process, it is necessary that at least one point heating module exists with an address between »1« and »99«.
An electronic device data sheet (GSD file) is available upon request.

For a description of the input and output data of the gateway see special instructions »Profinet connection ESN WhBusmaster«.

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