Electronic signalling relay – Type 8595

With 1 fixed switching points


The type 8595 signal relay serves as a connecting relay (interface) between the power supply unit of railway track systems using direct current with DC voltages of of to max. 1000 V at the control side.

A typical application situation is for use as a signal relay with actuation (actuation relay) via a contact wire contact. Perfect switching is obtained with a contact time of just 10 ms. In practice, this means that contact can be made with certainty, almost regardless of the length of the contact wire contact and the speed with which the contact wire contact is travelled.
The standard form of the relay has a drop-out delay of 0.6 s = 600 ms (different values on request).

The large operating voltage range means that the signal relay can be guaranteed to work as well when used as a normal switching relay. The effect of voltage drop-outs can be excluded within certain limits, regardless of the timing period.
2 zero-potential changeover contacts are provided as output . The switching state of the relay is indicated by an LED.
In order to ensure maximum electric strength and to exclude environmental influences, the entire switching section of the relay is encapsulated.

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