Mobile adjustment and test device – Type 8204


This type 8204 mobile tester was specially developed to measure voltage-limiting devices (VLD’s) with a spark gap (e.g. ESN No. 250150). It can be thus used to test all types of VLD elements with a response level of up to DC 600V (earthing switches, VLD’s, Zener diodes, varistors, etc.).


The device is powered by two rechargeable 9V block batteries. These batteries produce a test voltage from DC 30V to a max. of about DC 1000V at the test sockets. After pressing the ON switch on the side of the unit, initialisation will take about five seconds. During this time, the centre of the display will show a dot. Wait until the display shows „0000“ before measuring.

If a spark gap is being measured (e.g. ESN No. 250150), connecting the device to the unit being tested and pressing the “TEST” button will show the value of the ignition voltage across the spark gap.

If a component with a static threshold level (Z-diode, varistor, VLD with Z-diode, etc.) is being measured, this value is also displayed after the device is connected and the “TEST” button pressed. The display shows the response voltage. The readout remains on the display until the next measurement is begun by pressing the “TEST” button. Between successive tests there must be a period of at least 5s (to allow discharge of the test section).
A simple examination of a VLD is thus possible.
Note: For bi-directional protective elements such as the voltage limiter, two measurements are carried out with alternating polarity.
The measuring current is limited to 1mA.

Scope of service
The device is delivered in a practical transport case including test leads, alligator clips and two 9V nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH batteries).

The charger included is only suitable for charging NiCd and NiMH batteries. In particular, no disposable batteries or other types of batteries may be connected to the charger.
Explosions and fire may result!
The operating instructions for the charger are to be followed without exception.

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