Points heater Control module – Type STM1200


The control module is the central control of the points heating. It consists of a SIEMENS S7-1200 and the associated software.

The main tasks of the control module are communication with the Profinet/RS485 gateway SMPN1 to the switching modules SMAC1 or SMDC1, monitoring of the entire system and communication with higher-level systems via digital inputs and outputs or network (e.g. PROFINET).

The control module works as a master together with the SMPN1. It sends commands to the gateway, which forwards them to the switching modules (SMAC1 or SMDC1).
Communication with the SMPN1 takes place via a standard network connection.

If the control module is to take on more extensive tasks, e.g. communication with control systems via standard bus systems (Profinet, etc.), more powerful representatives from the S7 1200 family can also be used.

In addition, the control module is responsible for all other control tasks that are necessary to operate the control. These are digital and analog input and output functions such as switches, LED displays, temperature and weather signals, etc.
However, more complex displays (HMI) or telecontrol systems can also be connected via network protocol, GSM or fiber optics.

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