Mobile Test Device for non-contact overhead contact line switch


The mobile test device is an auxiliary device allowing more efficient trouble shooting of non-contact overhead contact line switches of the type 8474.
The device simulates an overhead contact line switch of the type 8474 on the evaluation device of the type KAG2/8480.

In case of a fault it has to be decided whether the evaluation device or the overhead contact line switch is the reason for the fault. As the overhead contact line switch is usually mounted on the overhead contact line and thus not easily accessible, a device was developed for the simulation of this contact on the evaluation device of the type KAG2/8480.

The mobile test device with the article number 410199 can test whether the evaluation device works perfectly. If so, the reason for the fault must be the overhead contact line switch or the cable connection.


To use the test device, the cable to the overhead contact line switch has to be disconnected from the evaluation device. Instead the plug of the test device is clamped under the terminals 1 to 4 of the evaluation device.

The system is ready for operation when the test device has been connected with the cable by plugging the 5-pole plug at the top of the test device.
The device is switched on by actuating the on/off switch. A failure on the evaluation device of the type 8480 is to be acknowledged when the devices have been switched on.

A continuous signal (approx. 1 Hz) is generated by actuating the button “start/stop simulation” until this button is actuated again.
When the button “storage test 5 x pulses” is actuated, 5 pulses are input fast once into the evaluation device. These pulses are stored temporarily and output with a pulse length of approx. 600 ms.

The LEDs indicate the functional states.

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