Installation cabinet – Type 8908

For type 8480 evaluation units


Evaluation units of the 8480 series are available for the type 8908 cabinets for installation on site. These cabinets have been fully wired by the manufacturer and prepared for the maximum configuration.

Three sizes of cabinet are available for suit local conditions and the number of evaluation units required. The maximum configuration for the three cabinet sizes is 2, 3 or 4 evaluation units.

The smallest housing is supplied with a 4- or 3-edge closure, depending on the order.

8 mm can be supplied. The two other sizes are supplied as standard with a turning handle. A half-profile cylinder lock can be installed in this handle by the customer (for example, from the closing unit).

There is a combined attachment option to simplify installation. The cabinets are supplied for strip-type fastening with a strip of maximum width 19 mm. After removing the carrying trestle for the strip-type fastening and turning the stainless steel stirrup by 180°, the cabinets can be installed on a wall with M6 screws. Once the stainless steel stirrup is removed, there is also the option of concealed installed with 4 x M6 screws.

The cabinets are supplied with evaluation units for an AC 230 V or DC 24 V to DC 80 power supply, according to the order.

This auxiliary voltage is fused by means of an overload release and thus permits general switching off of the unit during inspection work or the like.
All possible connection points of the evaluation units are available at the terminal strip (max. connection cross-section 4 mm2). Evaluation unit slots that are not filled are provided with »blank terminal housings«. This makes it possible to upgrade later without any difficulty.

The scope of supply includes wiring diagrams in which the target directions still need to be input by the customer.

The housing seal must not be damaged to avoid reducing the level of protection of the housing. The cable cutouts provided by the customer must be sealed appropriately.

Further configurations, freestanding cabinets, etc., to special order.

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