Fuse box – Type 8558

Fuse elements type 855450 to hold max. 2 fuses


The type 8558 fuse box differs from the type 8554 fuse box only by the larger housing. Like the other model, it was developed especially for installation on site. Due to the wide variety of attachment options, attachment to walls and masts, etc., is possible with screws or holding strips.

The housing that is made of weatherproof polyester material can be supplied as required with either one or two DC 1200 V fuse sockets. Depending on the configuration, the fuse box has by default two M32 x 1.5 screw fittings if equipped with one fuse socket, and three M32 x 1.5 screw fittings if equipped with two fuse sockets.

The fuse socket is intended to take fuse inserts for DC railway systems with nominal voltages of up to DC 750 V, size E 33, nominal current 2 to 63 A. see brochure sheet 8950 for the ­individual values of the fuses, part numbers, set screws, etc.

The connection of the incoming and outgoing cables is made directly to the fuse socket with M6 screw-type terminals.

See the complete brochure folder for special configurations of the fuse box and other special versions, or else just ask us.

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