Current relay – Type 8545

For overvoltage protectors


The current relay type 8545 is used for monitoring direct currents. The relay function is non pole-dependent.

A particular field of application is in conjunction with overvoltage protectors. In view of the corrosive effect caused by stray current, actuation of overvoltage protectors should not go undetected. The current relay, in series with the overvoltage protector, helps in this. If the overvoltage protector is actuated, and a current greater than 14A-17A flows in the relay, the output contact of the relay responds.

In conjunction with a signalling device which stores the transient response of the current relay, actuation of the overvoltage protector is signalled.


As a result of the magnetic field effected by the current flow in the coil of the current relay, the reed contact built into the coil is actuated. Actuation is triggered as soon as the current flow is greater than 14A-17A, and is active only for the duration of the current flow. There is no connection between the current coil of the current relay and the output contact (electrical isolation).

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