Voltage Limiting Device – Type 8962


The voltage limiting device (LVD) type 8962 is suitable for the potential limitation in the direct current rail operations.

The sparkover voltages are 200V to 600V (depending on the fuse).
The housing is suitable for voltage fuse links with / without spark gap (diameter 24mm, height 16mm).

This voltage fuses are for the protection of investments and not suitable for personal protection.

The voltage fuse separate the „grounded“ construction- or conductor parts of one another as long as the potential difference between the parts is below the sparkover voltage of the VLD. Exceeds the potential difference the sparkover voltage of the VLD, the VLD makes a short circuit, which is irreversible or after falling the voltage below the sparkover voltage, the VLD electrical locking again. Relevant for the condition of the VLD after their response is the converted electrical energy which must be below the self-extinguishing capability if the blocking state is to occur again.

For testing the VLD (check the response) there is a equipment available (ESN type 8204, part no. 250208).
For each test, whether installed or removed, the test is to perform generally 2 times, each with reversed polarity.

Complete protection equipment with VLD’s, see data sheets on “www.esn-online.de”.
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After replacing the fuse link, the housing is to be tightened with a torque of 30Nm.
It is recommended to send the voltage fuse for repair to ESN Bahngeräte.

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