Display unit – Type 8540

For potential monitoring unit type 8538


The display unit type 8540 serves as a supplement to the potential monitoring system type 8538.

With the help of the display unit, the current potential difference that is present at the measuring inputs Kl.12, 14 can be displayed.

In addition, the limit value of the potential monitoring type 8538 can be programmed via the display unit type 8540.

When the test program starts, the 8538 potential monitor is automatically disconnected from the measuring voltage and switched to an internally generated, adjustable and electrically isolated measuring voltage. The test voltage can be set from 0-240V with the potentiometer to the left of the display.
After the test program has ended, the internal voltage generation is switched off and the measuring input is switched back to the 8538 potential monitor.
The test can be started by pressing the “Start test” button. To do this, hold the button down for approx. 5 seconds with a pointed object.

If the “Testing in progress” LED lights up, the test program has been started.
The test program can be canceled at any time by briefly pressing the “Start test” button.
The test program is ended automatically after 5 minutes.
After setting the limit value, the “PROG” button on the potential monitor Type 8538 must be pressed for> 3s if the voltage is still present. After releasing the “PROG” button, the yellow LED next to the button must flash.

Programming is complete when the yellow LED stops flashing.

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