DC/DC converter DC 750V/24V – Type DCW180


The type DCW180 is a high voltage DC/DC converter. The DCW180 working with a nominal input voltages of DC 750V traction current system. It is normally used to supply control equipment with the necessary supply voltage of DC 24V.

The DCW180 was designed for low power applications with power consumption less then 180 Watt that corrospond to a current of max.7,5A (24V).

The DCW180 was designed as a switch controler with modern SMD technology. The control signals are transmitted via high voltage opto copplers. The internal transformer works efficient. On this way the galvanic separation between high and low voltage side is provided.

The DCW180 working area is about DC 500V to
DC 1050V. If the voltage exceed 1050V or fall under 500V the DCW180 switched off automaticly. If the input voltage come back to the working area it restarts automaticly.

The input is saved by a 1,2kV / 500mA DC fuse. The output side is short circuit protected.

To guarantee working after switch on the DCW180 the output is switched on by a time delayed (about 2s).

A green LED indicator shows working of DCW180. The LED should not puls or flicker. If do so switch off immediately! In this case the DCW180 dosn’t work properly.
Inside of the DCW180 is installed an independent working overtemperture sensor.

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