Electronic signalling relay – Type 8595

With 5 fixed switching points


The type 8595 signal relay is a relay that can be used, without auxiliary voltage supply, on DC railway systems with a maximum direct voltage of 900 V. The influence of drops in voltage can be balanced out within certain limits.

As an output, the relay has two changeover dry contacts. The switching status of the relay is indicated by a LED.

The type 8595 signal relay has a switching power supply. Modern electronic components ensure the greatest range of voltage at the lowest power consumption. This guarantees the high safety standard and the stability of the individual characteristics as well as the relay as a whole.


The type 8595 relay works without additional auxiliary voltage. It is powered directly from the measured voltage UM(+Kl. 11, -Kl. 13), which may be up to DC 900 V.

Via a jumper, the relay can be set externally via terminals 15-20 to five different switching points predefined depending on type.

If the selected switching point is exceeded, the two output relays are triggered.
The dry contacts can be used for control or signal instructions as desired.
An LED on the front panel shows the switching status of the relay.

The special electronic switching also allows for optimal adjustment to special operational problems.

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