Control Unit – Type 8515

With electronic engine monitoring


The control unit 8515 is used for the power supply, remote control, function monitoring and switch position reporting of switch drive motors according to the 3/4-wire principle in standard design.

Two inputs for 24 V DC are available for control using a remote control system.
The control unit is connected directly to the supply voltage of the drive, switch, etc. (the built-in fuse must be selected accordingly). The remote switch drive or its connecting cables are connected to the control unit (terminals 1 to 4). The function monitoring and the position reporting takes place without additional limit switches through the motor winding.

The drive can be switched on and off using the “On” and “Off” buttons. The correct function, reaching the end position, is indicated by means of light emitting diodes (LED). Please specify the desired LED color when ordering. (Standard delivery: red = on; green = off)

A potential-free contact is available for each transmission. (Terminals 11/12/13 for “On”, Terminals 14/15/16 for “Off”.)

For remote control, an “on” control pulse (+ or -) can be applied to terminal 18 and an “off” control pulse (+ or -) to terminal 19. The reference potential (M) is to be connected to terminal 20 for both inputs. Two built-in relays convert the control pulse (> 100 ms) into the switching command “On” or “Off” in an isolated manner.

The distance between the control unit and the drive, switch etc. is determined by the voltage drop permissible for the part to be controlled, not by the control unit.

Special designs on request.

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