Evaluation unit – Type 8480

Non-contact overhead wire contact


The type 8480 evaluation unit is used for signal evaluation for the TLC 4 non-contact overhead wire contact.

Both the isolating stage and the signal evaluation section are incorporated in a plastic housing.

The isolating stage includes the power supply for the evaluation and the DC/DC converter for the galvanically isolated power supply of the overhead wire contact (mains switching part). The isolation stage also includes the opto-couplers that transmit the signals coming in from the overhead wire contact galvanically isolated.

The evaluation stage evaluates the incoming signals. Depending on their number, the incoming signals are stored, evaluated and output serially as standard pulses.
Depending on the individual order, the evaluation unit outputs one output pulse per carbon part of the current pickup or else only one output pulse is passed if there are two carbon parts at the current pickup (2 input pulses). For this function there are different versions of type 8480 available.

The manufacturer can change the duration of the standard pulse or the division relations, e.g. 4:1, to meet the operational requirements of the user.

Signal error monitoring is also done in addition to the signal processing. The signals or switching states coming in at the 2 signal cables are continuously compared with one another. In the event of an error, further transmission of an output signal is blocked and the error is displayed at the unit by the red LED in the Clear button. A zero-potential contact is available to allow further reporting of the error. The direction of action of the error reporting contact can be reversed ordered. The relay is operated on the “quiescent current principle” as standard. This means that it is triggered in normal situations and the green LED lights up (standard configuration; yellow LED serves as the function display). If there is an error, the yellow LED goes out and the red LED in the Clear button lights up.

In addition to monitoring all 4 connecting cables to the overhead wire contact and the associated functions, monitoring of the operating voltage is also possible in this default mode.

In the other way the relay operates on the “working current principle”, meaning that it is initiated if there is an error, the yellow LED for the function display of the error transmitting relay and the red LED in the Clear button light up at the same time. If you want this operating mode please write it in your order.

The error display remains active until the error has been corrected and the error has been cleared at the evaluation unit or by a remote contact.

Special versions, installation in a hosing including wiring, on request.

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