Control unit – Type 8516

For 230 V AC and 110 V DC drives


The type 8516 control unit offers the option of interlocking the manual level in addition to the usual options provided by the types 8512 / 8513 / 8514 control units. A built-in relay to monitor the control voltage = remote operation voltage is provided at terminals 15 and 16. Only when this relay drops out, e.g., by a failure of the remote operation voltage or an external switching function (keywswitch, etc.) is the manual level activated. This applies both to the command button built in to the control unit and to the external command encoder (terminals 5, 6, 7).

The pulse lengthening (locking time) can be set from the outside (potentiometer at the front / back).

The type 8516 control unit is connected directly to the supply / motor voltage of the drive / switch, etc. The motor voltage and the motor current are available at terminals 3 (On) and 4 (Off) for the period of the set pulse lengthening time (AC up to max. 5 A, DC, see the diagram).

Since the switching principles for various application cases, limit switch motor versions and required switching capacity.

The switch position reporting is done via separate limit switches in the drive so that position reporting is also done while commands are being given (motor running). The drive position is displayed in the control unit by means of LEDs, whose colour should be specified when ordering.

The respective zero-potential contacts are available for further reporting. The action direction (make/break) of the position reporting switches can be set at the factory. The standard setting is »Make«. Other settings must be specified when ordering. Any desired message display can be produced by switching both the input connections and the output contacts K1, K2. The transmission of messages from the drive to the control unit is virtually independent of the length of the cable or any capacitative effects.


Switch panel installation:

The type 8516 control unit is also available as a switch panel version (for example, for installation in a door). The relevant device connections are at the back of the unit. The controls and LEDs are under a cover at the front of the unit.

Dimensions switch panel housing:
WxHxD approx. 144x96x125 mm
Dimensions front cover:
WxHxD approx. 144x96x32 mm
Dimensions door cutout:
WxH 138+1.0 x 92+0.8 mm

Further details on request.

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