Non-contact magnetic switch – Type 8441

For the monitoring of the position of moving parts


The type 8441 non-contact magnetic switch is suitable for the monitoring of the position of moving parts. In this way the limit positions of rod-driven switches, doors, windows, cabinets and the like can be monitored and reported.
The switch is hermetically sealed and can be used outdoors. No auxiliary power is needed for its operation.

The magnetic switch consists of an inert gas contact that is encapsulated in a plastic housing and an actuating magnet that is likewise encapsulated in a plastic housing. The inert gas contact (changeover contact) is actuated when the magnet passes by the switch housing.

The switch is permanently actuated if the switch housing is installed opposite the magnet (max. clearance 13 mm). The contact switches back if the magnet or the switch are removed. In this way the opening of a door and the leaving of a limit position or a specified position can be monitored.

Fastening angle brackets and installation material available on request. There is a complete installation set, type 909101, available for rod-driven switches.

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