Bi-stable memory relay – Type 8587


The bi-stable memory relay type 8587 functions as a memory relay for capturing transient switching states or events. Due to its low input switching capacity and fast response speed, it is practical for any potential-free switching contact. Another special feature of this relay is that it retains its switch position even in a power failure until an on-site or a remote reset contact is actuated.


The relay is constructed as a bi-stable relay with state-of-the-art components. Through voltage and current limiting measures the control circuit voltage is restricted to ≤ 10 V DC, and the short-circuit current (the maximum current that flows over a closed switch contact) is restricted to ≤ 1.4 mA. The integrated voltage-stabilized switch amplifier and flawless triggering of the switch amplifier enable accurate and unequivocal switching behavior even with creeping or poor contact.
The switch amplifier is also ready to process a switching impulse, for example to K2, if the K1 contact is not closed (or vice versa).

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