Installation cabinets – Type 8905

For type 8595 or 8597 signal relays


Cabinets of the 8905 series are available for the type 8595 or 8597 signal relays for installation on site. These cabinets have been fully wired by the manufacturer and prepared for the maximum configuration (2x or 4x). In addition to a complete series of special housing solutions, such as installation in Langmatz housings or free-standing cabinets, the type 8905 housing series have proved its value in general use.

Housings of 2 different dimensions are available to meet local requirements, the number of relays required, and for economic reasons. A maximum or 2 or 4 signal relays can be incorporated into these two sizes of housing. On request, 5 devices can also be built into the larger housing as a special version.

The smaller housing is supplied with an 8 mm 4- or 3-edge closure, depending on the order. The larger housing has a turning lever door handle as standard. A half-profile cylinder lock can be installed in this handle by the customer (for example, from the closing unit).

Depending on the order, the cabinets can be equipped with the corresponding number of signal relays. Relay slots that are not filled are provided with »blank terminal housings«. This makes it possible to upgrade later without any difficulty.

All the connections of the relays are brought to terminals. Isolating terminals are available on the output side (signal processing side). This thus makes it possible to prevent signals being passed on during inspection work or the like without the need to disconnect terminals.

The plus voltage is supplied to the relays via special fuse holders and fuses (type 855500). Individual terminals or a minus connecting bolt M8 are available for the minus connection.

The individual minus terminals are connected at the factory with the minus connecting bolt. If an individual connection is made or if the minus is to be looped over the contacts, remove the individual minus terminal connection and the minus connecting bolt.

The scope of supply includes wiring diagrams in which the target directions still need to be input by the customer.
The housing seal must not be damaged to avoid reducing the level of protection of the housing. The cable cutouts provided by the customer must be sealed appropriately.

The cabinets have a clear plastic cover for protection against contact. This cover can only be removed once the fuses have been removed. Holes have been made in the cover plate for test purposes at the relay terminals.

Special versions such as points actuators (1 type 8595 signal relay and 1 type 8596 points relay with a total of 3 fuses), signal relay with type 908013 test module for the signal contacts, installation of voltage reporting relays, etc., on request.

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