Control Unit – Type 8513

Switch panel housing version, with pulse extension and running-time limitation


The type 8513 control unit serves the purposes of power supply, remote control, function monitoring, and switch-position reporting on switch drive motors based on the 3-lead prin­ciple (inwards lead, outwards lead, and return lead). Its standard version does not have any pulse extension of its own. The running-time limitation switches off after the pulse extension phase has finished even with 4-lead systems (with an automatic stop mechanism), so it is poss­ible to reverse or switch again at once if a blockage occurs after the time has elapsed. The pulse extension time is 10 seconds at the standard setting but can be altered to any setting from 1 second to 15 seconds.

For this version the remote control voltage is 24V DC.

The control unit is connected directly to the supply voltage of the drive or switch (the appropriate integral fuse or contact-breaker has to be selected). The switch remote drive and/or its connecting leads must be connected to the control unit (on terminals 1, 3 + 4). The function is monitored and the position indicated without any additional end-position switches through the motor winding.

The drive can be switched on and off via the “On” and “Off” switches. A time relay (with the standard setting of 10 seconds) ensures a sufficiently long command interval even if the buttons are only actuated briefly (this is the pulse extension) for controlling drives that do not have their own automatic stop. With drives that do have their own automatic stop the time relay limits the control unit by interrupting the zero lead. At the same time any contradictory command is prevented from being issued while the drive is running. The time relay also ensures that no setting or monitoring display occurs during the running time. This means there is no “ambiguous display” during the running time of the drive. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate that the system is function properly and that the end-position has been reached. Please state the preferred colour of the diodes when ordering (the standard version is: red = on, green = off).

One zero-potential contact is available for each remote indicator. The terminals are: 11/12/13 for “On”, and 14/15/16 of “Off”.

For remote control an “On” control pulse (+ or -) can be connected to Terminal 18 and an “Off” control pulse (- or +) to Terminal 19. The reference potential (M) should be connected jointly for both inputs at Terminal 20. Two integrated relays convert the control pulse (> 100 ms) with separated potential into the switch command “On” or “Off”.

The distance between the control unit and the drive, switch, etc. is determined by the permissible voltage loss for the unit that is to be controlled, not by the control unit itself.

Special versions are available on request.

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