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11. symposium in Erfurt

On November 7 and 8, 2023, we will participate in the 11th AEE symposium in Erfurt.

Evaluation devices for overhead line contacts

In combination with the type 8474 contactless overhead line contacts, the evaluation devices provide the ability to evaluate the input signals from the overhead line contact and prepare them for further processing. In addition, the devices provide continuous electronic function monitoring for the overhead line contact and supply it with the required energy.

New product Voltage signal relay type 5839 for Unenn DC 1500 V

Voltage signal relay type 8539 for Unenn DC1500V (item no. 230145).

The new voltage signal relay has been designed for use in traction power supplies up to a rated voltage of DC 1500V. It meets the requirements for insulation properties by maintaining clearances and creepage distances of 32mm between the inputs of the measuring and auxiliary voltage and the output contact. A routine test with a test voltage of DC 9.5kV also ensures this in series production.
Switching point and delay time are programmable via short-stroke keys.

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