Voltage Signal Relay – Type 8591

With magnetic schield


The voltage indicator relay type 8591 was developed specially for the recording and indication of voltages in direct voltage supply equipment in railway installations. It requires no auxiliary supply for operation.
As a result of its special construction, great voltage tolerances such as those which occur in railway operations are no problem for the voltage indicator relay type 8591.

The particular feature of the voltage indicator relay is its completely enclosed construction. In the standard design versions connection to the contact line and the return line, i.e. to the voltage source, is effected via permanently-fixed cable leads. The output contacts (1 changeover contact or 2 changeover contacts) are sealed air-tight and thus protected against corrosion.

The entire interior construction of the appliance is encapsulated in one unit. This provides the maximum possible level of protection of the output side against atmospheric overvoltages. This also applies to the separation of contacts, changeover to changeover. Bearing in mind the high value of the installations and the effects of a malfunction in the signalling eqiupment or computer control systems connected to the output side, this is a particular advantage of the voltage indicator relay type 8591. In accordance with VDE 0100, section 60 Auxiliary Circuits, the 8591 voltage indicating relay may be operated without short-circuit protection if the laying of the connecting wires is inherently short-circuit proof (see also VDE 0100, section 30b, paragrath 3.2).

If the coil current increases to more than 5A, the current path in the interior of the relay is interrupted.
For the mounting of additional terminal blocks by the customer in the terminal compartment of the relay, the „Large Capacity“ variant is available. Assembly costs can be saved with the „Twin“ variant. In this, two relays are combined in one housing.
The coil is shielded against macnetic influence by a iron schield.

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