Electronic temperature monitor – Type 8433

For the switching of anti-frost protection units


The 8433 electronic temperature monitor is ideally suited for the switching of anti-frost protection units. With its small resetting temperature difference of less than 1°C it can economically handle the automatic control of points heaters and anti-frost protection controllers for water supplies.
The compact construction and configuration as a fully encapsulated cast item (IP 68) and no moving parts allows installation of the temperature monitor with no problems.

The housing has been prepared for attachment with screws or a clamping strip, for example, with cable ties.

It can operate the heating controller directly in connection with a suitable switching amplifier. The 8586 switching amplifier is available for controllers with AC voltages (e.g. 230 V). The 8581 switching amplifier is used with DC units with voltages of 480 – 900 V. The 8433 temperature monitor is fully compatible with the temperature monitors of the 8432 series in this combination.

(Please check the polarity carefully in the case of the 8433 series! Blue wire = negative)


The power for the temperature monitor is supplied by a two-core cable to the switching amplifier. The quiescent current amounts to only a few hundred µA. If a temperature below the trigger temperature is reached, a signal current of approx. 10 mA is superimposed so that the switching amplifier then switches. The temperature hysteresis of approx. 1°C ensures switching behaviour without overshooting.

See the complete brochure folder for additional temperature monitors and complete control units.

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