Control Unit – Type 8514

For DC motor drives from DC 48V to DC 220V in 4-lead principle


The Type 8514 control unit serves the purposes of power supply, remote control, function monitoring, and switch-position reporting on switch drive motors based on the 4-lead prin­ciple.

A motor voltage of DC 48V, 60V, 110V, 220V may be selected.
The current may amount from DC 1A/ 48V to DC 0,23 A, 220V (I=P/U), irrespective of the motor drive. The unit is designed for a control voltage of DC 24V.
The motor voltage is connected to the Terminals 1 and 2. A jumper is to be installed from Terminal 2 to one of the Terminals 5 to 8, in dependence on the motor voltage. Proper connection must be ensured in any case, otherwise malfunctions may result, or the unit may fail.

The control voltage of DC 24V is connected to the Terminals 13(L-) and 14(L+). The Terminals 3(On) and 4(Off) are the positive output terminals for the motor drive. The negative terminal of the motor is not controlled via the unit and must, therefore, be directly connected with the motor (from Terminal 1, for example).

The Terminals 9(Off) and 10(On) are to be connected with the negative potential of position feedback (motor voltage). The current status of the drive motor is indicated by the respective LEDs allocated thereto, and is transmitted by the potential-free contacts 15, 16, 17(On) and 18, 19, 20(Off).

A remote-control system may be used in order to trigger a switching command at a level of 24-Volt at the Terminals 11(On) and 12(Off).

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