PT100 thermosensor 2-wire and 3-wire cable connection – Type 8434

For temperature measurement


These thermostats (temperature sensors) or the 8434 series are especially suitable for applications that place high requirements concerning switching accuracy and reproducibility.

The robust construction permits reliable use at the rail as a precision thermostat for points heater controllers. The compact construction allows use for switch cabinet heaters or as an overtemperature detector.

The temperature sensor is usable in two different electrical versions, a two-wire version for short distances between sensor and PT100-amplifier and a three-wire version for longer distances or higher precision of measurement.

The has a standard cable tail from 1m. Three wire version or longer cable tail is possible on customers request.


The heart of the sensor is the temperature sensitive PT100 resistor.
This type of sensor is an analog sensor where the resistance value is a function of the current ambient temperature. To use this sensor you need an special amplifier that supply the sensor and give you different output signals. We offer such an equipment under part no. 420500/420501


Installation notes

One hole installation in a 25mm drill-hole.

See the complete brochure folder for additional temperature monitors, evaluation equipment and accessories.

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