Voltage Indicator Relay – Type 8592

For DC 600/750V


The type 8592 voltage indicator relay was developed especially for using in switching units ( indoor units).
Experience in the construction of voltage indicator relays and a commitment to implementation of this knowledge in development led to a small and compact relay. The voltage indicator relay can be used for both a nominal DC voltage of 600 V +20%/-30% and of 750 V +20/-30%, meaning that just one unit can be used for two different nominal voltages.

The electric strength of
8 kVDC required in accordance with EN 50124 Part 1: 2001 is fullfilled, as well as the 4,3kVeff between the output contacts.
The relay is installed in a plastic housing with the connections at the top and is suitable both for screw fastening as well as for installation on normal carrying rails in accordance with DIN EN 50022.
The internal part of the relay is encapsulated and hence protected against environmental influences.

As standard, the relay is provided with two changeover contacts (reed contacts).
Do not exceed the specified maximum values. (Caution when using incandescent lamps due to their cold resistance)

The version without magnetic shielding is suitable for switching cabinet environments in which there are no large currents (<<Magnetic fields).
The version with magnetic shielding contains soft iron encapsulation to counteract external magnetic influences. The magnetic influences on the unit are reduced by a factor of 6-7 compared to the version without shielding.

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