Company Profile

Company profile

Years of experience of co-operating with well-known public transport companies form the basis of quality and reliability of our products. Focussing strictly on the quality of their products and services ESN Bahngeräte GmbH do their utmost to personally attend to their customers and thus bring about good long-term relations.
With efficient organization and high flexibility, the management of the company continuously ensure to offer innovative products at competitive prices.
Due to close co-operation with our customers we found answers to problems in the past, which have now been established as standards in the industry. With that in mind we are committed to maintaining up our efforts to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

ESN Bahngeräte GmbH was founded in Mannheim in 1925 under the name of Hermann Ruf. The company has been involved since the beginning of the 1930’s with the development, manufacture and sale of components for mass transit systems and has been owned 100% by the brothers Hans (Dip. Eng.) and Stefan Zayer (Dip. Com) since the year 2000. As of 30.12.2022, the shareholder structure has changed. The company is now 100% owned by Stefan Zayer (Dip. Com.) and Ralf Fortmühler (Dip. Eng.).